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Introducing: Adam Swaab Adam Swaab is a Director and VFX artist based in Los Angeles. His work spans the mediums of film, television, and web. He is currently a Creative Director at Wolf & Crow. You can check out his work here: adamswaab.com Adam is currently creating an entire series of Houdini tutorials for helloluxx,…

Hey everybody. So I’ve made a new FREE tutorial for NUKE, to help out ‘Urban Legends’, who sent me a message on Vimeo. Hopefully more of you will find this helpful. When you select CameraTracker features, switch to 3d view, they will become yellow. But if you set them to be the ground plane, they…

By Fleur Clapham March 13th, 2014   helloluxx release Houdini Jumpstart Training March 13th, 2014 Sydney, Australia helloluxx now offer Houdini Training to compliment their traditionally C4D based portfolio.  In this Volume 1 offering (Houdini Jumpstart: Intro to Procedural Modelling) Adam Swaab delivers a tutorial that explores the procedural nature of Houdini, showing how one…

Sticky Dynamics with C4D
Sticky Dynamics with C4D
In this free tutorial, learn a technique to create a sticky type effect in C4D.
Newton 2 for After Effects
Newton 2 for After Effects
The ultimate physics engine plug-in for After Effects with multiple simulation controllers.
learn. Cinema4D Dynamics
learn. Cinema4D Dynamics
A comprehensive introduction to mastering dynamics within Cinema4D taught by Tim Clapham.

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